"Best Local Pharmacy. Simply the best as far a prescriptions - courteous service, plenty of counter people at all times - very responsive and helpful pharmacists. And the automated phone in service for ordering prescriptions is absolutely the best." - rgersherman via Citysearch

"The Very Best in Customer Care. I travel 16 miles to get there, because they are considerate, warm and carry what I need. . . They are willing to take the time to answer all your questions, as silly as you think they may be. I wanted to end this, by saying to Stephen,Chris and crew keep up the good work. I sincerely appreciate you and I am confident others feel the same way. It is nice to know that there is one less thing to worry about, Let's face it, you're there because something ailes you, so having no added concerns gives me one less thing to worry about."
- tedskin71 via Citysearch

"I really love seeing small independent pharmacies stay in business. The pharmacists here really seem to care about the customers. When you walk in to get a prescription filled and you want to wait for it, they have it done in under 5 minutes. That is impressive! They also seem to have a pretty nice selection of bath/healthcare products in the store. There's parking in the back, even some short-term spaces right by the door, if you're just running in for something. . . I hope they stay around for years to come, because they're a Lexington landmark!" 
Lauren E. via Yelp

"Love this place for the ambience and the true concern they have for customers. They really seem to love people! Even referred me to a wholesale source for essential oils  when I called. Wow." - DayTripper D via Yelp

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place I can express it enough. I was a die hard Walgreens customer for years then when I moved to Lexington I discovered that Walgreens lost their contract with my health care provider so if I wanted a scripts to be covered I had to find a different pharmacy. In truth I'm glad that this actually happened because now that I've switched all my scripts over I cant imagine going anywhere else. Everyone who works there is super friendly and nice, the woman actually remembers my name and she's only seen me a handful of times. The printouts with my meds are so easy to read that I actually discovered that a lot of my health problems might be from side effects. I would have never known if it werent for how well informed they keep their patients. Even when my insurance wouldnt cover a badly needed migrane medicine the pharmacist helped me find a generic alliterative that WOULD be covered so that when I called my doctor I would know what to ask for. The selection of products isnt too terrible large, as it is a small building but every special care item I've ever needed but been unable to find at larger stores are there. Tons of Aveeno (the only thing my skin can handle) and natural products. I really like this store because I can find items and medicines from my childhood that I KNOW work rather than just all the flashy new name brand stuff, that in the end doesnt really seem to make you any better. If you're looking for good help and to actually get proper treatment I highly recommend going here. - A Google User via Google Reviews

"Excellent service" - Mark G. via Yelp

"They will call quickly with any questions, explain any patient confusion I might have missed and generally act as a patient advocate in billing, refill timing and the like.”  - Eileen K Healthcare Provider

"Super quick service and a very friendly staff." - Valerie W. via Yelp

"I recently made the switch from a chain pharmacy due to changes in my insurance coverage.  Theatre Pharmacy made it incredibly easy.  Yes, the hours are a little shorter, but the service is better which to me makes up for it. The best thing about switching is that the pharmacist at Theatre always appears happy to answer questions, which isn't what I experienced at chains in the past." - Tricia C via Yelp

"A great local business. Very personalized service. Much less hassle than going to the chain pharmacies. Easy access with the parking lot in the back, very quick to fill prescriptions while you wait. All the things you may need on your trip to the pharmacy, and many great surprises. After trying to make it work with CVS I have switched to Theatre Pharmacy." - E. M. via Yelp

"Great little pharmacy, much more pleasant than the ever present CVS and definitely more attentive service.  I like the nostalgic feeling there as well, very 1982 feeling.  Another great, locally owned small business that makes an effort to know their customer." - Sam S. via Yelp

Theatre Pharmacy
1784 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02420
Phone: (781) 862.4480
Fax: (781) 860.9567
Hours:  M-F 8-8 Sat 9-6 Sun 9-2
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